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Unlock the ultimate in style and confidence with our Ultimate Lift Pack, featuring both our signature 'with-sleeves' and 'sleeveless' Lift-Tech Vests.

Introducing the next generation in body shape-wear. Our vest, enhanced with revolutionary muscle padding, instantly elevates your physique, giving you a balanced and athletic appearance. Crafted with eco-soft blend fabric, it ensures a tailored fit for every body type. Its subtle low-neck style is perfect for open-collar shirts too.

Experience unmatched comfort and innovation in men's bodies with our Lift-Tech Muscle Vests! #LiftUp


  • Integrated Padding: The vest incorporates padding in key areas like the chest, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. This padding mimics the natural appearance of well-defined muscles, providing a boost to areas that many men seek to emphasize. The result is a visually more muscular, toned and proportionate upper body.

  • Discreet Wear: Crafted to be unnoticeable, so others won't detect its presence, allowing the wearer to confidently sport their enhanced physique. The padding is seamlessly integrated, ensuring that there are no obvious lines or bulges.

  • Deep Neck Design: One of the standout features of the vest is its deep neck design. This ensures that the vest remains discreet, even if the wearer chooses to unbutton the top buttons of their overlying shirt. This design choice ensures that the wearer can confidently style their outfit without the muscle-enhancing vest being visible.

  • Skin-Friendly: The materials used are gentle on the skin, preventing any irritation or discomfort, even with prolonged wear.


Eco Soft Blend

93% Premium Cotton, 7% Elastane

This combination ensures that the vest is not only comfortable but also stretches and adapts to the body's movements. The elastane provides the necessary elasticity to ensure the padding stays in place and molds to the body's shape, while the premium cotton ensures breathability and comfort.


Handle with love. Opt for a gentle hand wash or machine wash at a cool 30 degrees. Steer clear of bleach and fabric enhancers. For best results, allow to air dry in a shaded area or use a low-heat tumble dry setting. Ironing is not recommended.

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